Hosted Zultys PBX

Our hosted Zultys PBX service allows organizations to have utilize a modern telephone phone system without the high cost of a legacy PBXs. The following questions are included here to address the frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t listed here please contact e-Tel.

  1. Can I manage my voicemails when I am away from the office?Yes, you do not need to be at your phone to manage your voicemails. Several features of your phone service can be managed from a smartphone app. Download the “Zultys Mobile” app from the iTunes store or the Google app store. Login with your MXIE username, password and use the IP address of your hosted PBX. After you’ve logged in go to the Voicemail option accessible from the menu at the top-left. Voicemails can also be managed by using the MXIE program on a Windows or Apple computer.
  2. I had to reboot my router and not my phones don’t work.VOIP phone service is highly dependent on stable internet service. If your router is rebooted the NAT table will have been erased causing the phones to lose their dynamic connection to the VOIP server. To fix this, reboot your phone once your internet connection is working again.
  3. I need to change the menu options that callers hear when calling my office.Normally, e-Tel will handle changes like this but we can train you how to make these changes yourself.

For pricing and additional information, please contact us at or call (270) 441-7799.